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binserveA fast static web server with routing, templating, and security in a single binary you can set up with zero code.
moonwalkCover your tracks during Linux Exploitation / Penetration Testing by leaving zero traces on system logs and filesystem timestamps.
basecrackBaseCrack is a tool written in Python that can decode all alphanumeric base encoding schemes.
pdfripA multi-threaded PDF password cracking utility equipped with commonly encountered password format builders and dictionary attacks.
regrettiA programming language where comments are the first-class citizen and ASCII art flowcharts are the controls. Made for Lang Jam (jam0001) theme: first-class comments in 48 hours and Won voter's choice.
DNArcheryA free and open-source DNA Sequencing/Visualization software for bioinformatics research. (Made for FOSSHack 3.0 and Won)
tupperplotTupper's self-referential formula plotting itself on a framebuffer with Rust.
gistureA minimal and flexible blog generator based on GitHub Gists with SEO, Templating, Syntax Highlighting, and Metadata support out-of-the-box.
okjsonA fast, simple, and pythonic JSON Schema Validation library.
paydeptShows every open-source dependency you use in your system that accept donations.
seclipA CLI utility to secretly copy secrets to clipboard.
l33tmarioMario the game but you rescue the princess by hacking.
log4jailA fast firewall reverse proxy with TLS (HTTPS) and swarm support for preventing Log4J (Log4Shell aka CVE-2021-44228) attacks.
CVE-2019-8449CVE-2019-8449 Exploit for Jira v2.1 - v8.3.4.
CynthiaOSThe Cynthia Operating System. (WIP 🚧)

CVEs I've found/reviewed/patched

As most of these are on GitHub:

Notable Security Hall of Fames

Google, Mastercard, Okta, DELL, Ford, Zilliqa, EFF, Telefonica, etc.

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