about me

my name is mufeed vh, an 18-year-old who does computer programming and security research.

what do i do?

i work on open-source projects, contribute to open-source code, and side-projects yet to abandon.

i also find/review/patch vulnerabilities in open-source, and in real-world applications via responsible disclosure.

what am i currently working on?

i am currently working on binserve and CynthiaOS (an operating system),

doing sheriff work at huntr.dev (a vulnerability disclosure/patching platform for open-source),

and poking around with fuzzing and cryptography.

my setup?

i have an hp pavilion 15 cc-134tx with pop!_os (an ubuntu fork which is pretty cool).

i use sublime text to read code; vim or vscode to write code.

i use alacritty with zsh and tmux as my terminal.

Python is my go-to for quick scripting or prototyping.

i mostly use Rust or Go for my projects.