my works

most of my work are open-source, so check out my github profile.




a blazingly fast static web server with routing, templating, and security
in a single binary you can set up with zero code - written in Rust.



an attempt to build a fast, secure, light-weight and efficient
unix-like operating system.



base scheme decoder mainly developed for
ctfs (security capture the flag competitions)



mario the game but you rescue the princess by hacking.

CVEs i've found/reviewed/patched

as most of my work are open-source, you can see the list via github:

patches: github search

reviews: github search

exploits: CVE-2019-8449

open-source PRs i am proud of

Fix insecure temporary file creation on commaai/openpilot

...will be adding more to this list...

notable security hall of fames

- Google (honourable mentions)
- Mastercard
- Okta
- Ford
- Zilliqa
- Telefonica

recent updates

Made challenges & conducted YASCON CTF 2020 with Team ZeaLabs

Won second place in Cyber Security trade at India Skills Kerala with my teammate Anwar Ayoob.

Won first prize in Live Hacking Event by BugDiscover conducted at c0c0n XII 2019 and
recieved the prize from Lieutenant Colonel & Actor Mohanlal, DGP Lokanath Behera IPS, and ADGP Manoj Abraham IPS.

Got selected for YIP (Young Innovators Programme) of K-DISC by Government of Kerala.

Gave a talk at DEFCON Group DC0471 0x02, Trivandrum.

India Skills Kerala finalist in Web Design & Development competition.