My name's Mufeed, currently years old from Thrissur, Kerala.

I am an avid self-learner and consider myself as an autodidact, almost everything I know has been self-taught by the means of books and the Internet.

I have alternating interests but the only ones that stayed consistent are coding and art (which I haven't done in a while).

As a result, coding is now a fun hobby turned passion which I am grateful to say I make a living out of. Even though I am doing what I love as my career, it's honestly kinda boring in a job setting, especially when you just work on stuff that you're not interested in or when it feels like a chore. Due to these reasons, I have dropped all of that, taking on a completely risky route of starting a company on my own which has been a goal of mine since I was a kid.

The company is called Lyminal, derived from the word Liminal and my interest in the phenomenon "Liminal Space".

What I Do

I basically have this list where I write down random ideas and thoughts, most of them utterly ridiculous but I gotta say, some of them just might be pretty good... prolly. The list is so long, I wouldn't be able to strike off all of them in my lifetime but all in all, I pick one and do it whenever I feel like it. I don't go by any schedule.

If you want formal talk, I work in the field of Systems Programming and Infosec where I implement/write high-performance, scalable, and secure software for companies. Expanding on my Security Research work, I have found and patched several CVEs in open-source projects and have secured numerous organizations via Response Disclosure or via Bug Bounty programs.

Here's my GitHub if you wanna have a look at some code crimes: github/mufeedvh.

Technical Skills

I mostly write code in Rust and Python, other than that, I dabble with C, C++, Go, JavaScript, Java, Kotlin, PHP, Zig, and Nim. (I like learning languages for fun even though I merely use a few)

I have an interest in Programming language theory especially in implementing parser generators and JIT engines. Talking about programming languages, I have written a bizarre programming language called regretti as part of Lang Jam in 48 hours that takes ascii art flow charts as first-class citizen which won the voter's choice and got featured in the results video.

I have done most work in the field of Systems Programming, Android Security, Web Security, Game Development, Cryptography, and Operating Systems.

You can take a look at some of my open-source work on my Projects page.

That's about it.

Recent Life Updates

not so recent life updates

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