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Mufeed VH

Co-founder - Stition, Inc.

Recent Updates:

  • Created Devika, the open-source alternative to Devin.
  • Represented 🇮🇳 at the WorldSkills Olympiad in Cyber Security.
  • Won the Bronze Medal at the BRICS Skills Olympiad in Cyber Security representing 🇮🇳.
  • Won the Gold Medal at the IndiaSkills Nationals in Cyber Security.
  • Patched and reviewed 300+ CVEs in open-source software.
  • Secured Google, Mastercard, Okta, DELL, Ford, Zilliqa, EFF, Telefonica, etc. via Bug Bounty programs.

My name's Mufeed, currently years old from Thrissur, Kerala.

I am an avid self-learner and consider myself as an autodidact, almost everything I know has been self-taught by the means of books and the Internet.

I have alternating interests but the only ones that stayed consistent are coding, hacking, and art (which I haven't done in a while).

As a result, coding/hacking is now a fun hobby turned passion which I am grateful to say I make a living out of. Even though I am doing what I love as my career, it's honestly kinda boring in a job setting, especially when you just work on stuff that you're not interested in or when it feels like a chore. Due to these reasons, I have dropped all of that, taking on a completely risky route of starting a company on my own which has been a goal of mine since I was a kid.

The company is called Lyminal, derived from the word Liminal and my interest in the phenomenon "Liminal Space".

Table of Contents

What I Do

I basically have this list where I write down random ideas and thoughts, most of them utterly ridiculous but I gotta say, some of them just might be pretty good... prolly. The list is so long, I wouldn't be able to strike off all of them in my lifetime but all in all, I pick one and do it whenever I feel like it. I don't go by any schedule.

If you want formal talk, I work in the field of Systems Programming and Infosec where I implement/write high-performance, scalable, and secure software for companies. Expanding on my Security Research work, I have found and patched several CVEs in open-source projects and have secured numerous organizations via Response Disclosure or via Bug Bounty programs.

I also love winning competitions. I have won WorldSkills (aka The Olympics of Skills), BRICS Skills, and several CTFs, mostly in security. (Read more at recent life updates)

Currently having fun solving hard software problems via Lyminal Solve where companies reach out to me with a hard problem and I solve it for them.

Here's my GitHub if you wanna have a look at some code crimes: github/mufeedvh.

Technical Skills

I mostly write code in Rust and Python, other than that, I dabble with C, C++, Go, JavaScript, Java, Kotlin, PHP, Zig, and Nim. (I like learning languages for fun even though I merely use a few)

I have an interest in Programming language theory especially in implementing parser generators and JIT engines. Talking about programming languages, I have written a bizarre programming language called regretti as part of Lang Jam in 48 hours that takes ascii art flow charts as first-class citizen which won the voter's choice and got featured in the results video.

I have done most work in the field of Systems Programming, Android Security, Web Security, Game Development, Cryptography, and Operating Systems.

You can take a look at some of my open-source work on my Projects page.

That's about it.

Recent Life Updates

not so recent life updates

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